Hey, let's check in on everyone's favorite fantasy sports obsessed indie rock frontman! Now that the Pavement's nostalgia victory has slowed to a crawl, Stephen Malkmus (or, as the employees of Other Music pronounce it, "Stefan Malkmoose") is back with his loyal Jicks and according to the MataBlog they are set to release Mirror Traffic this August. The album was produced by the most famous musical Scientologist ever, Chick Corea Beck.

Mirror Traffic will also be the final hurrah for drummer Janet Weiss—whose dance card is full with Wild Flag commitments. She will be replaced by former Joggers drummer, and Robert Palmer cover band singer, Jake Morris. We'll post something from the album once it becomes available.

End Hits: This album better have a few Traffic covers on it. I know what the kids like these days, and it's a young Steve Winwood.