In Portland design news so fresh it's dated tomorrow: Design hub Remodelista is curating a one-day local market next Saturday, June 4 at Schoolhouse Electric (note, it's at the new location at 2181 NW Nicolai, not MLK). These things usually only pop up around the holidays, so if you have decorating needs (I do! My new office is adorable but almost completely barren because I threw away all my old shit from the old place where I was kind of notorious for being a slob—I know, surprising—because I didn't give a crap about that place and only decorated it with the pelt of a roadkill'ed squirrel nailed to my door and a red pen collection on the floor. New leaf time!) this is a muy convenient time to get them met with some up and coming (read: not yet wallet crushing) design talents from the home front, including the amazing West End shops Alder & Company and Canoe, Egg Press, and Sword + Fern to name a few. It goes from 11 am till 4 pm, and you can make a whole afternoon of it by starting with lunch at one of the various food carts who will be setting up camp. Maybe there will even be a deal on squirrel pelts!