Scarlett Johansson's ad for Planned Parenthood (via Atrios):

The religious right's batshit response. Planned Parenthood's founder may have had some issues—but, hey, you know who else did? The Founding Fathers. So obviously anyone who's proud to be an American should be portrayed in KKK robes, right?

Stand up to the nuts and sexphobes and ladyhaters by standing with Planned Parenthood. Go to and sign the petition. And throw a few bucks their way while you're there, because every little bit helps:

Planned Parenthood of Indiana says it will continue serving Medicaid patients through at least June 15 after receiving more than $100,000 in donations from 46 states and several countries. The organization says donors are responding to a new Indiana law cutting off much of its public funding.

Donate to Planned Parenthood of Indiana here. And remember to take J.C.Y.'s advice and make a donation in Mitch Daniels' name.