If you still read the newsstand version of the Mercury, and you picked this week's issue up from one of our drop spots in Southeast (and some other places in town, too), you were REWARDED with our brand-new Southeast Guide. Like other supplements we've done, this has tons of listings and info about places in SE to eat, drink, shop, and more. And like other supplements we've done, it's all umbrella'ed under a very silly idea.

For this particular guide, we decided for it to come from the future. ("We," meaning the Merc's art director Scrappers and myself; amazingly, our sales staff let us go ahead with the idea.) So the introductions and text for the guide are all theoretically written a thousand years from now, in the year 3011. There's futuristic items on history, culture, transportation, and plenty more. I debated whether to pretend in this blog post that the guide actually was a document from the future, beamed back in time. But I can't lie to you.

The truth is, we made it all up. It's all just one big, dumb joke. And you can't read it anywhere online. (Stop grumbling, that's the whole point!) So if you want to check it out, in all its stupidity—plus there's rad art from illustrator Corey Thompson, and a lot of genuinely helpful listings—you're just going to have to get up and look for it. It's absolutely free, and it's totally worth every penny.

In other words: Check out our new Southeast Guide!