Coming Out for June: It's Pride Month comin' up, so the NYTimes has a big, glorious, interactive photo feature on the gays.

Who's the Anti-Democracy? Oh right, Saudi Arabia, which is bankrolling anti-opposition forces across the Middle East.

Genocider on Trial: A Bosnian Serb general accused of killing 8,000 men in the 1990s will finally stand trial.

Arizona: Legally Assholes. The Supreme Court backs Arizona's harsh immigration law, which repeals the business license of any workplace employing illegal immigrants.

Military vs. Abortion: The US military healthcare plan does not cover abortion in the case of rape... even though there were 3,158 reports of sexual assault in the military last year.

Sneaky Clinton! Ol' Hil makes a surprise visit to Pakistan, but no one is happy to see her.

Mark Zuckerberg: Goat Killer. The quasi-vegetarian Facebook chief has taken to killing animals for consumption, then using their blood in anti-Google rituals. (j/k)

But Speaking of Anti-Google Cults... eBay and PayPal sue Google over its new smart phone system which would essentially let you use your phone as a credit card. Somebody's jealous.

Because the World Needs More Novelty Urinals: Here is one made entirely of Nintendo game cartridges.


And in Things No One Ever Thought of as Sexist Before Today: Badminton.