Howdy-doody-doo, everybody! Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Hank Cassano, and as you can probably tell from my last name, I'm Frank Cassano's younger and prettier brother! :) Ha! LOL! Kidding! I josh my big bro all the time, 'cuz he's so gosh-darn funny! "Hey, look at me! I'm Mr. Grumpy Pants Frank!" Ha! ROTF. Just kidding. Anyway, I'm as pleased as peach punch to be filling in for my brother Frank this week, as he is at an "Affiliated Big Men's Club Annual Convergence" convention all weekend long in Vegas. LUCKY DOG! I drove through Vegas once to meet my step-sister Martha who works at the buffet at Circus, Circus. LUCKY DOG! I love buffets! Ha-ha-LOL-ROTF-laugh out loud! :) Kidding!
Anyway, so I'm supposed to do this "Blogtown in Review" thing for him, but I don't look at the computer much, except to check the weather and update my Friendster. But hey, how hard can it be, right? This Blogtown place sounds like a real knee-slappin' joyride, and a sweetheart of a burg. LOL! :) :) :) Love it.

Mercury News Reporter Editor Denis Theriault wrote a blog story something about the Oregonian selling land to the city for something other than bikes? I don't get it! BUT I LIKE IT! I'm gonna invite that Denis and his wife over for a barbeque. Bring your sandals! Let's play horseshoes! Ha-ha! :)

• Music listener person Ezra Ace (Like the card! I get it, ha-ha!) Caraeff finds the worst band in the world. Oh, I bet they're not that bad. You know who I like? Those Blues Travelers. That's toe-tapping stuff, that is! Listen to those guys, Ezra! Those Blues Travelers! Ha! Enjoy life! :)

• Oh, and that Marjorie Skinner person wrote something that I didn't understand at all! But you know what? SHE'S PRETTY. And oh, that smile? Boy, I tell you it lights up the room. Never change, sweetie. You're a sweet little peach.

• Talk about pretty girls? How about that Courtney Ferguson? Oh, and SMART. She wrote a very interesting internet story about the adorable bear ride at the upcoming Rose Festival carnival. But this was weird: a bunch of people added their own opinions about what Courtney wrote after the article was over, and—well—they sounded sort of mean! People should be nice on the internet. And that's how I feel about that! :) Kidding. Not really mad. LOL.

• Hmm... something, something, something... book recommendations on Questionland... something, something, something. Oh, you know who a good book writer is? T.J. Johnston! He writes books about the Civil War, and let me tell you, they are cracking! You're a good writer too, Mrs. Alison Hallett.

• Erik Henriksen is an internet writer who wrote something mean about Chewbacca and an Ewok dancing to a Guns 'N' Roses song. I like all those things. How could it be bad? I bet Erik is a nice person anyway, though. Kidding. :(

• Ned Lannamanananaman wrote an ad this week. Now, I don't care for ads myself. Unless they're about high blood pressure medications or commemorative civil war plates. Those are necessary!

• Wm. Steven Humphrey seems to have spent the entire week either obsessing about that homosexual Justine Briber kid or some new internet where people yell a lot at no one in particular. You know... I just don't think I like him very much. I apologize! But I just don't. That's okay, though. Maybe his family is nice. Hey, where's the internet blog for good news and happy people? If you know of one, send it to my AOL account.

Okay! Thanks for letting me do this, Brother Frank! "I will be returning next week, and not one moment before! Grump! Grump! Grump! Ha!" (See what I said there? That's what Frank always says!) But really, you should totally come back every day, because this Blogtown internet is keen, and the people? REALLY, REALLY nice. Pretty girls! I love ya, you crazy kids! :) ROTFLOL! :) Ha! Barbecue next Saturday at my house, Denis!