From the "Cut-and-Paste from Last Month Department": Airstrikes savage Libyan strongman Moammar Qaddafi's compound, demonstrating NATO's seriousness when it comes to ousting him blah blah. Want some real proof that this war dance is getting heavy for Qaddafi? The Russians are now on board, also calling for Qaddafi to quit or get hit.

In an embarrassed Pakistan, still feeling stung over the Osama bin Laden assassination, top officials have confided to the United States their fears that Islamists have infiltrated the military and lent information and support to militants.

Because it doesn't much like
the one the rest of the world uses, Iran is planning to start its own internet.

After four years of forced isolation, the Gaza Strip and its densely packed 1.5 million residents have been reconnected to the rest of the world. Egypt's sympathetic new government permanently reopened a border crossing to the Hamas-controlled Palestinian territory that Israel would rather have remained shut.

Gay rights demonstrations in Moscow?
Not if police have anything to say about it. More than 30 people have been arrested for failing to get government approval to show some pride.

In news that's bad for America's trust-fund hippies (but far worse for rowdy drunken louts from Britain and Germany), far-right politicians in the Netherlands are banning tourists from their nations' famed cannabis shops.

He's not running, or making any obvious motions to do so, but Rudy Giuliani came out ahead in a recent poll testing GOP voters' passions for possible presidential contenders. The semi-official candidate who placed second in the poll, Mitt Romney, meanwhile decided to dip "a brown-loafered toe" into the manure of Iowa this week.

The most famous of WikiLeaks' leakers, Bradley Manning, was sent to war despite showing clear signs he was in a mental health crisis. And now this same person is being held in psychologically damaging solitary confinement.

What's worse than losing loved ones in a tornado? Having to file past and identify their bodies after days of exposure in swampy, midwestern springtime air. Or having the identification botched and seeing the wrong person embalmed and stuffed into whatever coffin you picked.

Detroit has company. Michigan's Upper Peninsula is just as sad, lonely, and abandoned. Like a movie star's first wife.