Thanks for mentioning “Jurassic” John Cummins in your column last week. Luckily he and his party are considered fringe up here in British Columbia, so he doesn’t have a lot of popular support and his party isn’t likely to win any seats. You are probably already familiar with the research detailing a correlation between homophobia and homosexual arousal, but in case you aren’t, here’s a link to an excellent article.

I believe that Jurassic John's remarks are nothing short of an admission that he is bisexual. As a straight man, I know very well that I never made a decision to be attracted to women. At a certain age I simply started noticing my willy getting stiff when I thought about them. There was no choice involved. I didn’t choose heterosexuality any more than you chose homosexuality or Jurassic John chose bisexuality. I think bisexuality is more prevalent in men than we know. We often forget about bisexual men because they genuinely like women and they aren’t forced to live a lie if they happen to marry one. Bisexual men can choose to suppress their homosexual sides and still have a sexual outlet. Not so for your kind, Dan. But for bisexual men like Jurassic John, homosexuality is a choice. But that whole choice argument is null and void anyways. A friend of mine pointed out that religion is a choice, and it’s protected by the Human Rights Act. And for the record, I wish could choose to be bisexual! It would double my chances of getting laid. Actually, it would probably triple or quadruple my chances, as I hear the men are easy.

Frustrated Unhappy Canadian Kayakers

Yes, FUCK, I can confirm that men—gay, straight, and bi—are easy. Thanks for sharing.