I'll be the first to admit that the vast majority of content spawned within God's green Intertubes is total, hardcore bullshit. Memetic recursion, pictures of illiterate cats, baffling proctology nightmares; these are the foundations of our collective electronic orgy, and as far as orgies go, this'un is one failed SAT away from sprouting Thalidomide flippers.

That said, every month or so the omnipresent TV-static clouds part and we're gifted with something of actual quality. Something that combines wit, skill and creative drive, and makes us all wonder why it doesn't include a dog wearing sunglasses.

If I had a point with this introduction, it's obviously gone now, so you should just watch this video. It's an 8-minute fan film that documents the aftermath of the original Portal as it relates to the series' mute heroine Chell.

It's also better than every Hollywood-produced videogame movie ever made.