TIME Magazine's coverage of Sarah Palin's Memorial Day weekend tour lets Sarah Palin get away with more of her coy, jus' folks bullshit. And her mom is in on it, too:

Indeed, Sarah Palin’s family road trip has turned into a media circus. Dozens of televisions stations staked out three different spots at Gettysburg National Civil War Park all day in the slim hope of catching a glimpse of the former vice presidential nominee. Dozens more followed her bus as it made its way from the National Archives Sunday morning to Mount Vernon and Fort McHenry in Baltimore before ending up at the Marriott in Gettysburg. What did the Heaths [Palin's parents] make of all the attention? “It was unexpected because I really didn’t think that any body would notice — except now that I see the bus, I could see how it would attract attention,” Sally Heath said. “It wasn’t advertised or anything so I didn’t expect anyone to notice because I know you all have a million other things to do, to cover.”
Did she want the press along on this trip?
Um, well, I think I don’t have a choice,” Palin said, putting her arm around Ed Mildon, an electronics manufacturer in a “Proud American” t-shirt who just had his picture taken with her. ”We don’t want to disrupt others.”

Really, Sarah Palin's mom? It wasn't advertised? How about this ad (after the jump) on SarahPAC?


Or this lovingly produced commercial for the bus tour? The problem with media outlets letting Sarah Palin get away with her I-hate-the-press-but-they-just-keep-following-me-unheeded bullshit is that Sarah Palin's followers believe it. Against all evidence to the contrary—including the reality TV shows—they really believe Palin would rather just live a quiet life, away from all the cameras and hubbub. And part of the reason they believe this is that news outlets keep printing her aw-shucks-you-guys quotes. Somebody needs to hit Palin hard on this bullshit. Just one question: You're clearly vying for media attention—hell, you're struggling as hard as you can to get the spotlight back—so why do you keep acting surprised when people report on what you say? Palin is always unprepared for any kind of negative attention, so the reporter who asked this question would be sure to get an interesting response.