Not to give anything away to totally give away the content of this week's issue, which is going to be in your hot little hands today or tomorrow anyway, it features an article written by a rather sassy commercial beekeeper who answers many questions people commonly have about bees/beekeeping. Including why on occasion I come home to about 15 dying bees congregated around my kitchen windows heaving their last breaths (my cat learned the hard way not to eat them, barfing one up so quickly that it was still alive in his puddle of puke). Coincidentally (?), on the other side of the country the bees are acting up. I'll take 15 more bees dying on my windowsill over the prospect of going out to drop a postcard into the mailbox and finding it impenetrably covered by an entire hive's worth of stingers like New Yorkers in Manhattan did yesterday:


That ain't right. Hit the break for a closeup, and look out for the "bee issue" hitting the streets as we speak. Incidentally: NYPD apparently has a beekeeper on staff! Our police bureau does not. :( Should you encounter a lost and confused swarm like this one in Portland, call Vector Control.