It takes a certain degree of ballsiness to start up a food blog in the already-crowded Portland market, but Jenn (Armbrust, who you may have met dispensing free advice at Nationale, or recall her long-gone store/gallery Motel, which arguably kickstarted Portland's now-booming community of young, arty boutiques) and Jen (Davison, freelance graphic artist, long ago Mercury art director, and former Portland Monthly staffer) have delivered one that's got style points for days: La Kitchenette. It's beautifully designed, and the photos and food styling are super precious, in a good way.


Their focus is pointedly on health nuttery over decadence or exoticism—if learning how to make homemade kale chips and chickpea fries sounds like your idea of a good time, have they got a blog for you—and Jenn's litany of food allergies ensures plenty of resources for all the gluten free vegans in the house, a lifestyle she addresses with honest charm.
On the heels of a 3-week gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free cleanse last April (2010), I discovered that I was unable to seamlessly reintroduce gluten and dairy to my diet. While on the cleanse, I felt great and my skin glowed, my energy was good and after a few days, my digestion was impeccable. When the cleanse concluded, I tried to go back to my prior ways—toast for breakfast, cream in the Earl Grey, pasta on semi-regular rotation—and it simply didn’t work. Mild rashes were appearing on my face, my digestion was off, the glow was gone and stomachaches reappeared. Oh, nuts. Enter: The new way of being.

Click for more health food glamour shots and take a peek for answers to such questions as "What if rice krispy treats were made out of brown rice krispies from the co-op and creamy almond butter instead of yellow dyed margarine and horse hooves?" What if indeed.