Do you like to make things?
Do you like pictures a little more than words?
Do you love comic sans?
Do you know how to use a computer?
Do you like free coffee?

Good, because the Mercury's art department is in need of a production intern.

Check out the random list of skills you'll develop as a production intern!

Random Mercury Production Internship Skills Development Program:
-Learn creative software computering stuff!
-Learn artsy-fartsy data entry!
-Learn how to karate chop!
-Learn office etiquette!
-Learn whatever you want while you help us crank the paper out!

While this is an unpaid position, we're psyched for you to get college credit, or develop the necessary skills and resume/portfolio clips you need to be a success in life! To apply, contact Suji HERE. GIVE IT A SHOT—YOU PROBABLY WON'T DIE.