54,000 New Jobs! Not Enough! Though 54,000 new jobs were created last month, unemployment actually rose.

John Edwards Indicted: The smooth-talking former presidential candidate is being charged on six counts of using campaign money to cover up his lovechild. Very smooth.

Gmail Hackety Hack Hacked: Chinese hackers cracked into Gmail, aiming for the White House.

Dr. Kevorkian Dies! The doc who raised fury by promoting assisted suicide died with no help from his friends.

Good News About HIV! The rate of new infections worldwide has dropped 25 percent. Good work, world.

'Cymotrichous': (noun)—Having wavy hair. Also, the winning word for a 14-year-old in last night's national spelling bee.

Solar Powered Bikini: Okay. I'll bite.

Poet Murder Mystery: Was Chilean poet Pablo Neruda murdered? A crack squad investigates.

Down With Pyramids! Up with Circles! The USDA and Michelle Obama announce the food pyramid is dead. Say hello to "My Plate":


What's Up with YU? The giant new contemporary arts space in a historic building has super exciting potential, but why are they so cagey about their finances?