There's some debate over at Merc HQ around whether or not we should publicize Kickstarter projects. I personally think it's a great way for people to support artists they feel invested in—I'm less- to not- interested in business-oriented projects, or creators I'm not familiar with.

That said, here are 3 reasons why I feel invested in Portland band Lost Lander's attempts to fund an album and tour:

1. Matt Sheehy's first solo record, Tigerphobia, is one of my favorite recordings by a local artist.

2. The new Lost Lander record is great. (It's finished, and I've heard a digital copy—they're raising money in part to design/distribute a CD.) Produced by Brett Knopf from Menomena, whose influence is obvious, it's a marked departure from the more personal singer/songwriter bizness, but that's okay. Here's a song, and Ned raving about it a li'l bit.

3. Their fake-telethon video—featuring Road House: The Play's Sean McGrath—is legitimately hilarious.

They'll be posting more videos throughout the month. More info on their Kickstarter page.