Make my derby scrambled this weekend! It's a series of heated end-of-season inner-league scrambles with the smashletes of all four Rose City Rollers teams. Tonight: Guns N Rollers take on the Break Neck Betties, while the High Rollers duke it out with the Heartless Heathers. My predictions: Break Neck Betties and the High Rollers—both teams have been rockin' it.
(tonight, Hangar at Oaks Park, 8 pm, $14, tickets)

Me? I'm headed to Saturday's showdown, where I'll whip you up a post-derby blog breakdown of what happened. Look for that early next week. The night opens with an exhibition bout by the queer derby folk of Vagine Regime. Stick around when the Guns N Rollers go against the High Rollers, followed by a bout between the Break Neck Betties and the Heartless Heathers. This sets the stage, peeps, for the Season Six championships at the Expo Center on June 18. Who's going head-to-head for winner?
(Saturday, Hangar at Oaks Park, 6 pm, $14-20, tickets)

This is going to be a fun one, lads and lassies! Plus, when the weather be nice, the hangar doors be open on the derby hordes.