WE'RE ALL GOING TO STARVE IN POST-APOCALYPTIC CATTLE-CALL REFUGEE CAMPS! After years of agricultural bounty, population growth over the past decade—and demand for luxury staples like meat and milk in newly affluent third-world nations—has dramatically outstripped food production over the past decade. And worse: Climate change is alternately roasting/inundating farmers' fields, further eroding world supplies of staples like rice and wheat. Can science save us? Or will hunger and food riots consume us all?

Meanwhile...IT'S THE BEANSPROUTS! DON'T EAT THE BEANSPROUTS! After 22 people died in an E. Coli outbreak, with more 1,700 sickened, Germans are finally told what not to put on their plates if they'd like to avoid pooping blood. (Sorry, anyone who's reading this over brunch with a Bloody Mary!)

On the anniversary of the 1967 Arab-Israeli conflict, Palestinian protesters have massed at Israel's border with Syria (footage carried live on Syrian television), and Israeli soldiers are shooting and killing them.

On the other side of Israel,
Hamas, with a sniff, has closed a newly opened Gaza Strip crossing with Egypt amid complaints the Egyptian government is allowing too few Palestinians over the border each day.

Yemen's president, injured in a mortar attack
on his home, had to leave the country and head to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment after all—provoking parties alongside the bloodshed and protests that could escalate into a civil war that's a boon for Al-Qaida.

He's on trial for paying a 17-year-old to have sex with him, after one of his famous "bunga-bunga" sex parties. But instead of stopping the fun, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has merely moved venues.

Only in the 21st century!!!!! Neat-O!!!! Plans for a dramatic expansion of satellite-based, wireless broadband service in America could wind up overpowering simultaneous plans for a dramatic expansion of GPS service. In fact, the broadband expansion could overpower all GPS service.

Facebook can be so hard to figure out.

Pinkwashing... and why Susan G. Komen for the Cure isn't actually curing anything.

Learn about the billionaire who smiles every time some youngster pops open a PBR or an Old Style and revels in vague blue-collar nostalgia. (Although I suspect mostly people don't get past reveling in how much further their booze money stretches.)

Not mentioned yesterday in GMN, but rounded up today: The latest details about three shootings early Saturday in Portland that left one person dead.

Young hicks leave their child in a warm car while they head inside a Kentucky strip club, and then complain about the heat inside the squad car when they're inevitably arrested.