They have a rule at Austin's beloved, revered Alamo Drafthouse: Turn off your fucking phone. It's a rule that should be adopted by theaters everywhere, and you know what else should be adopted by theaters everywhere? The Alamo's PSAs, which show before each movie and tell people to, y'know... turn off their fucking phones. Like this one.

I don't complain about texting in theaters much, mostly because it makes me sound like Andy Rooney when his colostomy bag's full and he's trembling his way through Werther's withdrawls, but there's kinda no way around it: Cell phones, and the ways people use 'em, have made going to movies a significantly shittier experience that it used to be. Public shaming and/or mockery of these jackasses? Totally legit. Grumble grumble grumble Matlock etc.

Via FilmDrunk.