AUSTEN-TATIOUS—In lieu of another game of whist, shall we take a turn around the parlour, my dear? Let us grab a cup of spirit and some hot cockles from the barkeep to chase away the vapors, as we sit down to test our Regency mettle at ShanRock's Triviology's Jane Austen pub quiz. So what was the name of Mr. Darcy's sister again? CF
Ella Street Social Club, 714 SW 20th Pl., 7 pm, FREE

BEACH BOYS—Want to hit the beach, but your current residence in the poorhouse won't permit it? The UK's Friendly Fires provides the get-happy tropical dance/pop/disco you need to whisk you away to another (more temperature-friendly) world. Bring a towel! (If not for the sand, for the sweat!) WSH
w/Wise Blood; Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $14-15