The Cemetery Gates Café opened Friday on the corner of Southeast 20th & Morrison (across the street from the always-great Middle Eastern cart Wolf & Bears—which takes cards now, btw). The self-described "punk rock coffee shop" (owners work at Sizzle Pie and Black Water Records) serves bagels, pastries, and vegetarian sandwiches—I had the "Banh Morrissey," because obviously. It was fine, carrots and cilantro and big chunks of chewy tofu. There's limited info on their Facebook page, though I think the hours listed there are wrong—the guy working yesterday told me they're open 7 am-7 pm daily. Definitely has a Tube/Sizzle Pie/you-kids-and-your-studded-belts kinda vibe, but the people working were super nice, and it's a cozy, wood-floored little space, with a couch that's nice for reading. George R.R. Martin and I enjoyed ourselves. Only complaint: In the hour or so I was there, I didn't hear a single Smiths song.