Today's quote o' the day concerns the Rose Festival—which does have it's problems to be sure... but is this I, Anonymous ranter in the right?

You close off Waterfront Park and fill it full of syphilitic carnies that operate overpriced rides fro credulous Greshamites. You deem high school cheerleaders "princesses" and "queens" in a pointless, sexist contest. (Oh, they're "ambassadors," are they? Whatever. That's just lipstick on a pig.) You clog the streets with idiotic parades. Worst of all, though, you demonstrate nothing that is genuinely good about Portland.

(Dear Portland carnies: I think this writer's accusation that you all have syphilis was simply a bout of hyperbole. I wouldn't take it very seriously. On the other hand, a trip to doctor never hurt anybody.)

Read all of it here, and don't forget to vote on whether or not this person is full of shit—the results so far are close to 50/50. And while you're there, be sure to submit your own rant on the new I, Anonymous blog. (A 2011 nominee for Rose Festival Princess!)