Weinergate: Now that he's admitted Tweeting his sexy pixxx to random women, New York Democrat Anthony Weiner has few friends. The women he messaged are happy to talk to press and, oh yeah, can we interest you in a photo of Weiner and his "pussy"?

Syria-ous Chaos: After claiming somewhat suspiciously that a bunch of police officers were killed in an uprising, Syria's military is planning to crack down hard on protesters.

How Much Will it Cost to Defund Planned Parenthood? The state of Indiana is in for a $4.3 billion fight if it actually sticks to stopping federal money from going Planned Parenthood.

Natural Oil Parks: As legislatures slash budgets for state parks, some are turning to desperate tactics to raise cash, like pushing to drill for oil in their natural areas.

Insecure Communities: Massachusetts becomes the third state to reject the new federal immigration crackdown, Secure Communities.

Transgender in Prison: New reports show that being a transgender person in prison is just about as scary as you'd think it would be.

Stephen Colbert Performs Sarah Palin History Lesson. Cheers:

Drive-By Shooting: A 23-year-old has non-life-threatening injuries despite being shot multiple times from a car on North Commercial last night.

Fake Cop! A Gresham man accused of "taking cop impersonation too far."