The new I, Anonymous Blog is just that... new. That's why I should probably wait for awhile to declare THIS GUY "the most despised person on the planet." So far, his confession (about kissing a bartender who had her hands full) has registered a record-breaking 90.48% on the "Full of Shit"-o-meter. Here's a sneaky peek:

All chicks were obviously on other wavelength. I checked out your smirk behind the bar, and while you carried those useless bricks full of beers that we like so much, I stole a quick kiss from your lips. Oh my God, what had I committed, I kissed the most unreachable and hot bartender in the club. I stole a few more kisses. You could`t do nothing, you had cases of beers in hand, and comfy snickers. All-Stars for sure. Room on Fire was playing, and I did something more than steal 2 or 3 quick kisses.

Read the rest here, and for god's sake, vote on how full of shit he is. (Let's see if we can get it to 98%!) And while you're there, read the other stuff, submit your own, and OH! Check out the newest "I, Anonymous Chill Out Tent." It's adorbs.