I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t particularly enjoy dressing up and shouting at movie screens, but I met a lot of people last night who do. Last night's TOTALLY '80s NEW WAVE SING-ALONG (somebody was either really excited or leaning on the caps lock) drew in those who worship all that is glittery, synthy, and smells strongly of hairspray. You know your friend who insists on singing off-key and twice as loud as the car radio? Imagine a room full of people like her, finally enjoying themselves because sourpusses like you aren’t there to stop them.

And, despite the potentially repulsive “sing-along” idea, everyone seemed to have a blast. Depeche Mode, Dead or Alive, A-Ha, Eurythmics and Devo were just some of the artists whose videos played on the big screen at the Hollywood Theatre; Couples spun right round (round, round, round) in the aisles, clapping off beat and, again, not giving a shit. Since the lyrics were mercifully projected onto the screen, the swivel-snap was the perfect dance move for those needing a refresher without wanting to embarrass themselves.

Along the same lines, look forward to the '80s MOVIE ANTHEM SING-ALONG (omg, again with the caps?) at the Hollywood on June 21st: If you have ever had the inclination to fistpump during the climax of a movie, this inspirational nostalgia fest is bound to make your mascara run (that's not gender specific—it’s the '80s, after all).