I live in Portland so that I can write headlines like this.

The O got the photo of the day: The mayor exchanging information with a cyclist who ran into the back of the city-owned Prius he was driving.

Here's the story, as told by mayoral spokeswoman Amy Ruiz: The mayor was driving the Prius, accompanied by his police liaison headed to an anti-bullying event at Lincoln High School. He planned to turn left on SW 4th, but stopped for a pedestrian who was crossing the street and then felt a bump on the back right side of the Prius. It was Tasis Bernie, a bike-riding Portlander who had crashed into the backside of the Prius and fell over into the street! (Side note: The O profiled Bernie a few years ago, apparently for having a lot of tattoos.) The mayor gave her his information as another cyclist stopped and helped haul her bike out of the street. Bernie's knuckles were scraped up, but other than that, she seemed okay and pedaled away under her own power.

Ruiz says the mayor has given his account of the crash to the city's risk management division, which deals with accidents involving city-owned vehicles.