Remember when we told you about the new Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks album, Mirror Traffic? The one Beck produced? The final album for Janet Weiss as a Jick that is due out on August 23 via Matador Records? Oh yeah, that one.

Well now the fist single, "Senator," is available and it's totally about blowjobs! Blowjobs! Despite what you think these are not Too $hort lyrics: "I know what the Senator wants/what the Senator wants is a blowjob/I know what everyone wants/What everyone wants is a blowjob."

To be honest, there is more to this song than just that one out-of-context lyric, but who cares? Blowjobs! Now I know why the man is zipping up his pants on the album's cover. (Actually, Malkmus and company's energetic tempo is a good sign that Mirror Traffic might be first solo recording from him to live up to Pavement's legacy.)


Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks - "Senator"

h/t: Cause = Time

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