Oh yes, it is happening. Tonight, Boiler Room, 228 NW Davis.

Here's how it goes:

7 pm: Drink, drink, drink.

8 pm: Wm. Steven Humphrey overcomes his natural modesty to kick off karaoke night with a special number dedicated just to Blogtownies.

9 pm: Bike Issue Release Party. Bring a bike light, get a $1 PBR. (Which, btw, did you guys read this article about the mass exodus of Pabst execs after new owners took over last year? Sounds like the hip old days of corporate-orchestrated blue-collar authenticity are over.)

Hopefully we'll see some of you guys there! We'll do our best to make it obvious who we are—as per our bike issue theme, Sarah Mirk will be dressed like Uncle Sam—so come on over and introduce yourselves.

(Tangential: Apparently the Boiler Room has Pictionary Night on Tuesdays. Has anyone been? Seems like it could be fun or awful depending on the crowd.)