Secret Airstrikes: Not So Secret. The US is planning more secret fighter jet attacks in Yemen... except now we all know about them.

We Live in a Terrible, Terrible, Terrible World: Libya's Qaddaffi ordered the rape of hundreds, even supplying troops with male potency drugs.

Crazy for Politics: It looks like China is sending political dissenters to mental hospitals to shut 'em up.

Weiner Problems: House Dems are sounding the war drums for Anthony Weiner to resign.

Hack Attack! Do you have a Citigroup credit card? You may have bought a hacker a new Xbox.

Anglicans for Same Sex Marriage: An Episcopal bishop in California says he'll bless gay weddings.

Lockdown High: A new book is out about how schools have become prisons.

Apple is Building a Spaceship! Disguised as a "new corporate headquarters."


Holy Discontent, Batman! On the 48th anniversary of the federal Equal Pay Law vintage Batgirl speaks truth to power: