I thought your response to No Pole, No Go, the FTM guy in this week's column, was very good. Another role model for NPNG is 2010 Mr. International Leather, Tyler McCormick. Tyler is a trans guy, and he is disabled, and he won International Mr. Leather last year. It doesn't get much more masculine than that. I know Tyler personally because he's from New Mexico. As you suggested, Tyler is so comfortable inside his own skin that he IS a man—no doubt about it. In fact my partner and I knew him for two years before we even knew he was trans.

BTW, I'm castrated (my choice) and I feel more masculine than ever—so it's really not what's hanging between your legs. Keep up the good work.

Reading In New Mexico

I will, RINM—on one condition: Write back and unpack/explain the whole castrated-by-choice thing. I can't be the only person out there, I'm thinking, who came away from your letter wanting to hear more about how that happened. You can unload on us (and only on us), RINM.