Hot dog! It's the first day of the two-week long free bike festival PedalPalooza, in which anyone can sign up to lead a themed bike ride.

All the rides are listed online and in the print calendar in our paper this week, but both of those options are rather cumbersome if you're actually out biking around. So! We present the Mercury mobile PedalPalooza site, which has the entire bike riding calendar in convenient handheld form. Check it out from any smartphone. This is the first we we've put a mobile calendar together, so let us know how it works.

While you're out there biking, take some photos and put them in our Flickr pool! Or email them to me. I'll post on the blog the best shots of ridiculous people wearing ridiculous things while riding ridiculous bikes.

Annnnd finally, if you're looking for our picks for the best, most all-American bike rides of the week, here's our list of PedalPalooza Picks.