They're calling it "internet in a suitcase." Under Barack Obama's watch, the United States has begun spending millions of dollars to help design and build "shadow" wireless networks that allow dissidents in repressive regimes to sidestep censorship, or even outright disruption, of internet and cell-phone traffic. (A non-pay-wall version of the story is here.)

We've probably all seen enough, and yet more photos of Representative Anthony Weiner, this time in the House gymnasium, are popping up. (No, I didn't intend that stupid pun. But, yes, I'm allowing it.) Weiner's Democratic elders, raising their resignation demands from private whispers to public statements, apparently aren't swayed by his pledge to seek treatment and take a leave of absence.

"Obamneycare." Tim Pawlenty, the Minnesota governor, sharpens a dirk and sticks into Mitt Romney's exposed flank during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. Republican presidential hopefuls will debate this week in New Hampshire.

A congressman from California
not-so-delicately suggested to Iraqi leaders that the country should someday pay back the United States for all the money we've spent disassembling the place and partially reassembling it. Iraqi leaders not-so-delicately remind everyone about the thousands of Iraqis killed since 2003 and suggest that the congressman and his touring party not let the door hit them on the way out.

Syrian troops, as expected, have coursed into a restive frontier town to stamp out more rebellious embers. But opposition sources say more soldiers might be deserting than firing their guns.

Reporters are still sifting through thousands of Sarah Palin's emails and trying not to fall asleep while they mostly read about a lot of things they already knew.

The world's shortest man stands an imposing 23.5 inches and lives in the Philippines.

Where have all the Southern Baptists gone?

Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman shot during a rally this winter, smiled for a camera recently and hardly looked like a bullet had entered her skull.

Under the ocean in Japan, photographers find a trove of mementos that testify to life as it was, life before a tsunami pulled thousands of homes and people out to sea.

How McDonalds is engineering itself
, at least in India, into a powerful purveyor of vegetarian cuisine.