Timbers coach John Spencer probably didn't take long to get into character for this new Alaska Airlines ad. In fact, I'll bet the head referee of Saturday's match got the same point/wild-eyed stare as the "right prat" on his "smarty phone."


It's expected Spencer will be fined by Major League Soccer for his post-game thoughts about the officiating (he said the head ref for Portland's 1-0 loss to Colorado wasn't in good enough shape to do his job), and it sounds like the fiery former English Premiere League and MLS star doubled down on those comments today.

Fans(/media/the team's front office) love Spencer, and there's little doubt a guy who first felt the glaring spotlight as a Catholic schoolboy signing with a traditionally Protestant pro club (In Scotland. In the '80s.) is comfortable both in front of the camera and berating passengers at the front of the fuselage.

Which makes me wonder, in what other posts would Spencer's unique style come in handy around town? Is your local coffee shop in need an enforcer? Your favorite bar searching for a shorter, more aggressive bouncer? Can we somehow get him on a Q Patrol?

Throw down some gigs you'd like to see Spencer try on for size in the comments, and I'll ask him about the best ones during practice this week. Oh, and the other new Alaska ad (less funny, but saved by a giant plastic knife at the end), starring Timber Joey, is after the jump.