As Steve mentioned in Good Morning News, Neil Patrick Harris killed it at the Tonys last night—can he do no wrong? (Oh, right.)

While it probably won't have any lavish musical numbers or overt references to sodomy, Portland's answer to the Tonys—the Drammy Awards—are tonight at the Crystal Ballroom, 7 pm. As a perma-lurker on the fringes of Portland's theater community, it's always fun to speculate, so... I want to see Theater Vertigo's The Adding Machine win for direction; I also want Michael O'Connell to win best actor for his performance in Portland Playhouse's Telethon (I would also accept "best ensemble") and Valerie Stevens to win best actress for Last of the Boys. If Third Rail's The Wonderful World of Dissocia doesn't win for scenic design... well, it probably will. And while it can be frustrating to watch Portland Center Stage win awards for talent they've imported from out of town, I wouldn't mind seeing The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee take home a few of the musical awards.