Remember when Urban Outfitters offended the world with this?:


It's one of the things that made this list of 18 reasons to hate the store (would it have been that hard to make it an even 20?), besides the whole thing with the billionaire owner making financial contributions to Rick Santorum. Also on the list are $5 packages of ramen, fake mustaches for bicycles, t-shirts reading "Eat Less" and "Poverty Sucks" (in gold), flesh color, ear-shaped earrings that cost $90, at least one example of UA ripping off an independent designer who sells on Etsy, and a few other things that you may not be aware of if you are not in the midst of decorating a college dorm room. In other disturbing generic-hipster news, did you realize that the roosters whose feathers are used in feather earrings and hair extensions are euthanized for the plucking? And that just one of the companies supplying them kills 1,500 birds each week in a (failed) effort to keep up with the demand?