It's official, Blogtown: We can now retire the Emily Harris drinking game.

While the daily format of OPB's morning show Think Out Loud ensures a valuable range of local news and arts coverage, host Emily Harris had an on-air persona that was frustrating at best, unintentionally hilarious at worst. Her sidekick Dave Miller, on the other hand, has always offered a measured, thoughtful counterbalance, and the occasional show he'd host provided a model of how good Think Out Loud could be in the right hands. Or will be: OPB announced this morning that Harris "has left and is pursuing other opportunities," and that Miller will be taking over as host.

While I'm very pleased to see the deserving Miller take over, it does beg the question: What am I going to do with all the aggression I used to get out by shouting at the radio every morning?

(Oh, for an alternate take, the WWeek writes: "It's a huge loss for OPB: Harris, an Oregon native, had years of experience at NPR and brought professionalism and common sense to her work there." Okey doke.)