Big GOP Prez Debate! Who won who won? Sadly, we're all the losers.

Money Funnel: Speaking of which, it turns out Newt Gingrich's charity paid $220,000 to one of his for-profit companies.

Yay for the Gay: Adoptions by gay couples double over the past ten years, despite some states being assholes about it.

Nuclear Payout: Japan's power company plans to pay billion to people affected by radiation from the leaky nuclear plant.

Sunscreen Scammin': The FDA lays out new rules about what makes an actually effective sunscreen, knowledge I hope we Portlanders need someday.

"Lulz Security": Yes, a group named Lulz Security really did hack the Senate website.

15 Famous Dudes without their iconic facial hair.

Transparent Plane! Why has no one made a see-through plane before (excepting Wonder Woman)? If it works out, this Airbus is gonna be awesome:


Gun Owners Anonymous: The Oregon House approves a bill keep concealed handgun permits out of the public record.

Don't Paraglide off the Astoria Column. It's mighty tempting, but illegal.

Obama the Llama Killed by Pack of Wild Dogs. An actual news story from Alaska.