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For anyone who's heard a note of Genesis' catalog prior to 1975, this will be intriguing news: Genesis tribute band the Musical Box are reprising their immaculate recreation of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway—down to sets, costumes and the original stage slides—on a world tour later this year. It hits Tacoma's Pantages Theater on October 14 (no Portland date).

Here is probably not the place to try to rehabilitate the Genesis brand name, which has suffered rightful derision in the decades since Peter Gabriel left the group. But I will say that their 1970-1974 albums are among the most ambitious and inventive recordings committed to tape by any band, and the 1974 double concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway might very well be their magnum opus. Lamb was accompanied by an elaborate stage show that remains woefully undocumented, so the chance for a modern audience to see it at all—even performed by a geektastic Montreal tribute band—is sorely tempting. I couldn't find tickets online, but I imagine they'll be on sale soon. Meanwhile, here's just about the best visual document of the original Lamb tour that exists on the intertubes.

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