Well-known for his love of architecture, artwork, and furniture design, David Lynch is designing a Mulholland Drive-inspired Club Silencio, which is set to open in Paris in September. Remember Club Silencio from the movie? It was the freaky joint where Naomi Watts found the blue box/key in her purse and Rebekah Del Rio made everyone cry. This place has the potential to be amazing with Lynch designing the interior (I might hazard a guess, and say red curtains and blue stage lights will grace the stage). He's also doing the furniture. Peep this lounge:

Mmm, Lynchian.
  • Mmm, Lynchian.

According to the Guardian, Club Silencio will include a concert hall, restaurant, library, and cinema (with 24-hour David Lynch-athons?). Sooooo... my birthday is next week, if anyone is looking to buy me a li'l something.

h/t to Jessi