Want more of the Tracy Morgan homophobic kerfluffle? Sure, why not. Previously on "Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Kerfluffle": Tracy said this! Which made the internet say that! Which made Louis CK say this! Which made you say that. (We now join TMHK already in progress.)

So today Slate published a good interview with Louis CK—who has also said a controversial thing or two during his career—and he provides some more explanation regarding his defense of Tracy Morgan. OBSERVE:

There's a lot of times when I let myself channel bad ideas as a way to do comedy. I think it's something that's a healthy thing to do, honestly. And I think the person who really fucked people up and hurt people with Tracy's words was whoever took it out of that Nashville club and put it on the national stage—whoever called Huffington Post or whoever started this shit, and said, "Guess what Tracy Morgan said," and announced it to the rest of the world. He wasn't trying to say it to the rest of the world. So when I read stuff like, How are gay people going to feel when they read this? Well they didn't have to read it! They weren't part of that show. Maybe there were gay people there who were laughing. You don't fucking know. Nobody gets to say that they represent anybody and they're offended on behalf of the whole world.


And I don't know him well, but he's a good guy. So I'm using that judgment, of just, hey, I met him and he's a good guy. And I get a sense of him as a father, and there's no way he would stab his kid. It's a dumb thing to take at face value. You'd have to be a moron. And if you do, you are not allowed to laugh at any more jokes. You are not allowed to laugh at any jokes that have any violence or negative feelings attached to them, ironically or otherwise.

So obviously, as a comedian who often treads on public sensibilities, it's in Louis' best business interest to mount a defense for Tracy—but as someone who also employs the "unreliable narrator" voice in his work—there is a line. And that line (which admittedly constantly moves) is usually the point where someone WHO REALLY DOESN'T DESERVE IT is getting shit on. For me, Morgan crossed that line regardless of where he was, or the context of the situation. So sorry, but I AM allowed to laugh at Louis referring to his daughter as a c-word, and NOT laugh at Morgan calling bullied gay kids "whiners." Louis' kid may not deserve it... but gay kids REALLLLLLY don't deserve it.

There's a lot more to this interesting interview—read it here.