If you've ever been up to Sauvie's Island, you know the building: The haunted-looking Victorian relic moldering behind a fence next to Highway 30 just south of St. Johns. It may just be any old Superfund site, but the building's broken window panes and cupola scream mystery in the making.

People are obsessed with the place. And NW Natural, its owner, guards it well. When former Mercury reporter Matt Davis tried to sweet talk his way in three years ago... access denied. So I was surprised when the Merc's sharp-eyed distribution chief Jay directed me to this Flickr set from "Synikat" who actually got inside the building. I messaged Synikat immediately, asking how they managed to get inside. The reply:

How did I manage to get in? This question has been asked many times, but the question that haunts me is: How, or perhaps more aptly—why—did I get out?

I believe this building has a story to tell. Consider why a security guard, part of the contingent hired to guard this building 24x7 and not let anyone in or even near the place, would offer me and my companion a tour of the building. Why is the media denied all access? Is there possibly some truth to the rumors about this building?

Here are the photos from inside the place (finally, finally!):

Synicat even now has a Kickstarter going to fund the creation of a book and documentary about the Gasco building called Behind the Gate.