Oh my, oh my, it's finally here—the Rose City Rollers Season 6 Championship bouts. Is your breath as bated as mine? Wait... don't answer that. It's going to be a stellar face-off with last year's champs the High Rollers taking on the plucky ladies of the Break Neck Betties. Will the gambling gals in green gambol all over the speedsters in red, white, and black? Who will take home the Golden Skate? These are all questions percolating in my derby-addled brain. Looks like the Betties are getting ramped up for the big day, with some inspiration from teammate Frisky Sour who stars in a cute sports montage full of Betty love. Up first though is the battle for third place—the icy-hot vixens of the Heartless Heathers take on the ballad broads of the Guns N Rollers, which will be a fun one as both teams have been reinvigorated with derby mojo as of late, just in time to end the season with a bang.

It all goes down tomorrow at the Expo Center (2060 N Marine, Hall E), 5:45 pm, $14-22
Pro tips: Take the Yellow line MAX to avoid paying $8 for parking at the Expo Center, get your tickets in advance here or at the Night Light (2100 SE Clinton). The afterparty's at the kick-ass Spare Room (4830 NE 42nd), which is big and rowdy and fun, where 80-plus derby girls and their posses will be blowing the roof off the joint.

I'll be doing a wrap-up of the double-header on Blogtown early next week, so watch for that.

UPDATE: As Graham helpfully pointed out, there's a Fox News report about the Break Neck Betties' Nori Skepkt whose gear was stolen on Monday from her soft-top Jeep. Don't worry, she'll be playing tomorrow, but also stolen were a grip of tickets to tomorrow's championships. Quiz your scalper before buying from someone on the street—if they don't know derby, they've probably got some hot tickets. If you see something, say something.