SIDE OF—If you can't get enough bacon in your life—if you're a human with functioning taste buds, basically—all your prayers have been answered with the Ethical Butcher's Summer Beats and Bacon party, which offers you a special menu of bacon concoctions, including bacon desserts, fruit-and-bacon combos, and of course variations on the classic BLT. You never needed your arteries anyway. NL
w/DJ Beyonda; Saraveza, 1004 N Killingsworth, 8 pm, $25-30

URBAN ACHIEVERS—How well do you know the Dude? Tonight at the Guild, Pub Quiz USA's The Big Lebowski quiz will put your Coen Brothers knowledge to the test. Throw back a few White Russians, then hope you can remember the difference between Liam and Brandt. EH
The Guild Public House, 1101 E Burnside, 7 pm, $3 per person