Obama in His Sights: Former ambassador to China Jon Huntsman declares he's running for president (and applauds the "trailblazing genius of Americans").

That's Not Gonna Be Good for Anybody: A NATO airstrike in Libya accidentally kills 19 civilians.

WalMat vs. Women: The gender discrimination lawsuit filed against WalMart on behalf of its 1.5 million female employees faced a big setback, but isn't dead yet.

Robbing a Bank to Get Healthcare: A man who badly needs surgery robbed a bank so he could go to jail and get healthcare. That's trailblazing American genius for ya.

Sarah PalinTM: Yep, the Grizzly Mom's effort to trademark both her and Bristol's names is on track.

Facebook Blocks Roger Ebert: First, the genius Tweeter/movie critic says, "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive." Then, Facebook takes his page offline.

It's the First Day of Summer! Here's your socks with sandals fashion guide.

Cigarettes: Grooooooss! As of next year, these totally disgusting images will cover American cigarette packages.


Depaving in Southeast: A church on SE Woodstock rips out its parking lot.

Legislature Endgame: Aaaa! It's the last week of the Oregon legislature! Quick! Pass a bunch of bills about schools!