AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE I DISLIKE LITTLE PEOPLE!! Little people are cool, I guess—I don't know any personally. But from what I hear they love their children, just like you and me. That being said, I never watch any of those "little people" shows on TLC, because I never think that network has anyone's best interest at heart—know what I mean? However, when it eventually makes it's way over to the states, I will be watching Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's new BBC2 mockumentary entitled Life's Too Short... starring little celebrity Warwick Davis (Willow)!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I mean... eeeeeeeeeeee! From the BBC:

In Life's Too Short, Warwick plays a fictional version of himself where he is desperate, conniving, fame-hungry and self-centred, but always gets his comeuppance.

He runs a talent agency, Dwarves For Hire, for small people but is always taking the best jobs for himself. Warwick is taking part in the documentary to help raise money to pay off his huge, looming tax bill.

Here's a preview clip!

This sounds funny! And not just because he's short!