Happy Birthday, Bruce Campbell, you devilishly handsome cad, you. The folks at the Lovecraft and Horroregon bring you Ash Wednesday, a night celebrating all things groovy about Bruce.

Tonight at the Lovecraft (421 SE Grand)
8 pm-close, 21+, free
Hilarity promised: Hawaiian shirt contest, punch, cake, prizes from Dark Horse and Things from Another World, games, music, movies, a screening of Bruce's Knots Landing episode, and bring a new kids' book to donate to the Portland Public Schools to receive a Bruce-y gift

Hubba hubba hubba. Id sit on that lap.
  • Hubba hubba hubba. I'd sit on that lap.

(It should be noted that Bruce Campbell is the only good reason to see Cars 2 this weekend. And because my scatter-shot brain can't focus on more than one thing today: Is everyone getting excited about the upcoming production of Evil Dead the Musical at the Wonder Ballroom? )