Obama Supports Swift Pullout: From Afghanistan, that is. Ten thousand troops should come home by the end of this year.

Accio Kindle! JK Rowling announces that Harry Potter will be sold as e-books, and also proclaims a new "Harry Potter social networking site" called "Pottermore." No joke.

Black Gold: The US and other countries release strategic oil reserves to lower the price of oil around the world.

Mobster on the Run for 16 Years: Ol' Whitey Bulger was finally nabbed by the FBI. Why do I always side with the criminals if they seem old timey?

China Releases Imprisoned Artist: Internationally known artist and government critic Ai Weiwei is out of jail.

Who Wants the Greek Ports or Postal Service? Heavily in debt, Greece may sell of its federal properties to the highest bidder.

Just Leave Them Be: Researchers discover an "uncontacted tribe" still living in the Brazilian jungle.

The Grunting Women of Tennis: A Wimbledon official chastised a player this week for grunting too loudly. Cue grunting female athlete slideshow!

And Now here is a 2,000 pound cake in the shape of a Transformer: