Just to be clear, this isn't about the Timbers (to be even clearer, I don't ever plan on writing about the Timbers. #NRGMOASATRCTID).

Sunset magazine recently pitted Portland's food scene against our big sis to the North. We lost. Ivy Manning (local cookbook author/food blogger) took on some lady named Jess, arguing for Portland across a number of categories (star chefs, markets, trends, booze, etc.), then the editorial board ranked their arguments on a scale of 1-10. In my humble opinion, it was horseshit...Ivy got robbed.


I take particular issue with Portland's 30% higher smug-rating. Did anyone read the New York Times travel section last weekend? Everything Portland's accused of (and, by the way, rightly so) Seattle has in spades.

Food Dude has a rebuttal here. I like him.