Here's a recent fan photo of two of the stars of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which shows evidence of the news that actor Rob McElhenney (that's him on the left, under a gargantuan Hawaiian shirt) gained 50 pounds for the role of Mac this season. As previously reported, he did it just for laughs:
“It’s been disgusting to watch him go through with this adventure,” said Charlie Day. “We were a little on the fence about it for his own personal health and safety,” he added, “but it has definitely made Mac a lot funnier.”
Whoa. Sunny has always raised the bar on shocking humor, but this is a step that I'm amazed they took. While I thought the most recent season didn't always reach the heights of some of the earlier shows, last year's fantastic Christmas special and now this completely insane* joke prove they've got plenty of ammo. The seventh season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is scheduled to begin in September. Here's the full report.

*Seriously. This is crazy. This is what a crazy person would do.

via Warming Glow

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