A man died this morning at 9:15am after somehow being pulled under a MAX train at the 122nd Avenue stop, police and TriMet report. It seems pretty grisly—the currently unidentified man may have been decapitated.

That's all we know right now, but The Oregonian talked to a witness at the scene:

Miranda McDonough, who lives in an apartment on the south side of the tracks, said she happened to look out her window just before the accident and saw the man standing on the white safety line near the tracks "where you're not supposed to stand." She said he seemed to be looking out over the tracks as if to see if a train was coming.

McDonough then turned away and didn't look back until a short time later when she heard the train stop.

She said the man had appeared to be in his mid-20s.

This victim is the 28th person to be killed by Portland's light rail since the system opened 25 years ago. The most recent one in January was somewhat similar—a 76-year-old woman was killed when her cane got stuck between two train cars and she was pulled under.