As you are painfully aware, we here at the Mercury have ample opportunity to express our opinions, however esoteric and/or belligerent they may be. That's why we're handing off the mic to you (for once) to weigh in on our first-ever PDX Approved Readers' Choice Survey. I won't lie: there are 83 questions, which is a fuckin' lot, but it's pretty gratifying to spout off on your favorite restaurants, theaters, shops, bars, etc (trust me), and the survey is set up so you can save the questions you've already answered and then come back to finish later. And while completion is a virtue, if you don't make it all the way, the answers you half managed to eke out will still be counted. However, those who finish at least half the questions will be entered to win prizes: "First prize is a fantastic dinner at Le Pigeon AND a night for two at the posh Ace Hotel! Second place will receive a $100 MercPerk package (crammed with super deals from Portland’s best local businesses), and third place gets a $50 MercPerk package." Doooooo iiiiit!